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Liberating Leadership: Reflections on the Struggle of Our Time (ebook)


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Edited by Leroy Barber

Contributing Authors: Jonathan Brooks, Sunia Gibbs, Nicholle Ortiz, Bethany Wilkinson, Daniel Hughes, Michelle Lang-Raymond, Trixie Ling, Erin Rose, Allen Buck and Mayra Macedo-Nolan.

For far too long, the road to success for communities of color has been through managing the land and wealth of white people – land that was stolen and wealth built with free slave labor. The leadership voices of people of color have been too long ignored, dismissed as not relevant, or stolen by mediocre leadership of white people. It has been and is the goal of many white institutions to assimilate leaders of color, and to make managers at best. This time in which we find ourselves, a time of global pandemic and racially motivated murders of unarmed black people, needs culturally conscious leaders who liberate, not status quo managers who maintain white supremacy. Liberating leadership is critical for such a time as this. Leroy Barber and a dynamic community of faith leaders and activists challenge you to find your voice and unite in action for the benefit of our communities and future generations. In the spirit of all the great leaders of color who have come before, on whose work, sacrifice, and shoulders we stand… may these pages guide you in this moment toward Liberating Leadership!


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