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A Hermeneutic of Liberation – Reading Scripture from the Margins


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By Leroy Barber & Jess Bielman
The Bible is a book of freedom. This holy book has a sordid past of being misinterpreted, misused as a device for oppression, and taken so far out of its context that it can be hardly recognizable for the brilliant thing that it is – a powerful tool of liberation. If your relationship to the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian New Testament is not liberating you in the context that you are in, then it has been co-opted by powerful interests. In this book, we will investigate some well-known scriptural stories for three powerful locators: culture, power, and systems. By focusing on these elements, we will be able to see the true liberative nature of these stories, and hear the call of God in scripture to embrace our culture, speak truth to power, and stand up to the systems that oppress us.


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