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Daydreaming In Spanglish

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“You will spend your entire life trying to find a home. Some days you will seek belonging in the bodies of beautiful beings. Most days, like sea turtles that migrated from distant lands, you will carry your home on your back.”




This collection of poetry is inspired by the feeling of losing and finding home and of building belonging where tidal waves have knocked down shelter. Daydreaming in Spanglish is the rebuilding of that shelter. A coming home. An invitation.

Written by Raquel Polanco, one of today’s most confessional poets, each poem in this collection holds a story about family, identity, and the art of code-switching between first and second language. Much like the author, a Hispanic-American poet, these poems were born into Spanish and translated into English.

About the Author

Raquel Polanco is a Hispanic-American poet in her mid-twenties who is continually inspired by God, humpback whales, tall trees, Jupiter, and castles made of sand. Her roots can be traced back to Mayan and Taino ancestors through her father and mother’s Dominican and Honduran origins. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Raquel became an avid speaker and prolific writer within her community and throughout the Pacific Northwest. She centers most of her writing around the politics of culture, gender, spirituality, depth of emotions, heartache, and the essence of human interconnectedness. She currently resides in Portland, OR where she spends her down time daydreaming, hammocking, or exploring delicious plant based eateries – all the while writing poetry in her head.

1 review for Daydreaming In Spanglish

  1. vizggo

    Ad extremitates — До крайности.

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