“A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.” – Fredrick Douglas

The Voices Conference

The Voices Conference is a two-day event, providing leadership development and platform for leaders of color. Here we give voice to our own history and experiences and the opportunity to annually connect, train, and inspire BIPOC leaders to be successful cultural influencers in all spheres of society. The conference experience is created by leaders of color for leaders of color.


The Voices School for Liberation and Transformation is a graduate level program, led by a community of scholars, committed to pursuing positive change in higher education through educating, inspiring and training leaders in the context of people of color.


One-on-one relationships with leaders of color to provide advice, resource and encouragement to their lives and work.

Voice Relay: An informal mentoring network facilitating one-on-one relationships with leaders of color to provide advice, resource and encouragement.


For organizations and churches that want to more effectively attract, support and retain leaders of color to their staff or in their communities.


Paid summer internships with Churches or organizations to expose leaders of color to non-profits and professional learning opportunities with experienced leaders of color.

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