We need to form a new voice – one that brings our rich and forgotten history to the center of culture. One that allows for the flowing of ideas and welcomes creativity. One that influences our young people and unites our communities.

The Voices Project gathers leaders of color who influence culture (the church, education, art, entertainment, politics, and business) for important conversations about the current challenges and triumphs within communities of color and our role as cultural influencers. We train and promote leaders of color to fulfill our mission of influencing culture.


We provide insight, on how to be effective in leadership within one’s respective area of cultural influence, in a way that is rooted in history and experience of people of color

  • Mentorship or Small Group Training with Voices Staff (ongoing)
  • Bi-annual Gathering (January and August)
  • HBCU Tour (February)
  • Voices Conference (May)
  • Northwestern College Tour (October)



We connect leaders of color to leadership opportunities that are based in their areas of expertise within a domain of cultural influence

  • Monthly Newsletter (ongoing)
  • Publishing Company (ongoing)
  • HBCU Tour Networking (February)
  • Voices Conference Networking (May)